Leaders: Tyler & Sarah Robison

Meeting Time: 7 on Thursday Evenings

Meeting Location: The Robisons’ House

For more information, or any other questions, please email info@missionsalem.com.


While many young adults (ages 18-25) already have a foundational grasp of their faith, we find they are often challenged by the realities of entering the adult world. For some that is beginning a career, for others it is the intellectual opposition to their beliefs and worldview that they encounter at their colleges and universities. Our desire, therefore, is to assist the many years of discipleship that have already occurred in their lives and to further grow their faith and longing to serve the Kingdom of God in this world.

Our vision for Young Adults at Mission:

  1. To walk together in community as we discuss questions and hard topics that we encounter daily.

  2. To release them to discover the truths of scripture on their own, and together in peer discipleship, that will give them the founded truth of God.

  3. To fan the flame of passion that they have for Jesus and to see the Kingdom of God expand through their efforts and service.