From four adults and four children meeting in a home, through multiple location changes as we have grown, to our current gathering place at Straub Middle School, the Lord has proven faithful in consistently providing for and watching over the Mission family.

Mission Fellowship started as a simple Monday night bible study born out of the desire of a family in Keizer to know the Word of God more fully.  Hans and Kelly Rasmussen, who were part of the leadership team at a church in Wilsonville at the time, commuted down to Keizer with their 6-month-old twin boys to see whether or not the Lord was moving in this area to start a church.  After a few months, the group that was meeting had grown to about twenty-five people and the first gathering was held as Mission Fellowship at Keizer Elementary School on September 18, 2011.

From that Sunday, we have grown in our relationships with Jesus and with one another as we have seen the Spirit of God bring together a family of people intent on seeing the Kingdom of God expand.  We have seen new disciples initiate relationships with God the Father through the work of Jesus Christ; and He has enabled us to partner with both local and international efforts to be the hands and feet of a loving Savior to a hurting world.

In 2018, with a conviction to see Mission Fellowship continue to grow with a healthy view of the church as God’s New Covenant people, the leadership implemented a new polity that is best described as “Jesus Ruled, Elder Led, and Congregationally Responsible.” As part of this adjustment in church governance, convent membership was implemented. The results of this change far exceeded our expectations as we have seen the individual members of Mission Fellowship grow in commitment to one another, an identity of belonging, and a knowledge of what it is to walk in an ever-increasing path of sanctification. At the end of 2018, our strengthened church family was able to move into our permanent location on 25th street due to the commitment, service, and sacrificial generosity of the members and loving anonymous donors who have a heart and desire to see the vision of Mission Fellowship spread throughout Salem and Keizer. We are beyond thankful for all that has brought us to this place and eager to see what the future holds.