What Should I Expect The Gathering To Be Like?

On Sunday, we gather as a family of disciples of Jesus Christ to be taught the Word of God, equipped as missionaries, refreshed through worship and fellowship, and sent back out to share the love of God with those in our lives.  A typical Sunday will include a short time of worship to focus our minds and hearts, time to connect with one another, and a teaching in which we are equipped from the Bible to walk as disciples and missionaries sent into our communities by Jesus.  We end the service with a time to respond to that which we have learned as we worship through song, prayer, communion and offering.  Our  gatherings usually last around an hour and forty-five minutes.

For information on our Children’s Discipleship, check out the Mission Kids Page.

What Should I Wear?

Most of our church family tends to dress casual for our Sunday Gatherings.  Whether it is a suit or shorts and a t-shirt, we simply want you to feel at home as we worship together. 

How Do I Get There?

From Mission Street, head South onto 25th Street. Just before the traffic light at McGilchrist, turn right into our parking lot.