As the primary disciple makers of your home, we hope to come alongside you and support you as you teach the Word of God diligently to your children.  At Mission, the vision we have for our children’s ministry is the same vision we have for our adults — to create disciples of Jesus Christ through teaching, equipping, and sending. 


We desire for all of our children to know the love of Jesus and His character through His word. Our weekly curriculum and crafts are age specific, and are designed with the express purpose of increasing bible literacy among the children who have been entrusted to our care.


When our children’s knowledge of the Bible is incorporated into their daily life, they begin to understand and experience the faithfulness of Jesus. Within our classes, we aim to build a framework for our children to respond to the grace of Jesus through the practice and teaching of spiritual disciplines such as scripture memorization, prayer, bible study, generosity and service.


As our children begin to take ownership of their faith, they are set apart from their peers, giving them the opportunity to give account for the hope they have in Jesus. We strive to give them practical examples of what it means to be a disciple of Christ, both in action and word, in their schools, homes and communities.

Mission's children’s ministry currently consists of 4 classrooms.  The goals we set for our teachers in each age distinction are primarily based on the age's developmental ability to grasp the lesson we are providing  As we grow, Lord willing, we will continue to further refine the class sizes and age ranges based upon developmental growth.  All children's ministry workers are background checked, and classes are organized to keep the safety of the children as our highest priority.

Moms and Babies - For our youngest babies and their moms. Here you can feed and care for your child while listening to the sermon.

0-24 Months - Check your infant in to this class and they will receive lots of love, clean diapers, and, if they are old enough, a snack. We hope to provide you with the peace of mind that your children are well cared for as you join the main gathering and take in the teaching.

2-3 Years Old - Our toddler class is the place we begin to lay much of the groundwork for what is being taught for years to come. Even though they do not interact with Mission’s children’s curriculum at this age, we stress the importance of developing godly character through modeling tangible acts of grace, kindness, gentleness, love, and many more. In this class, children have lots of time to play and interact with one another, they also receive clean diapers if they aren’t potty trained, and a snack!

4-5 Years Old & Kindergarden  - In the preschool/Kindergarden class your child will have their first experience with our interactive curriculum. They will learn Bible stories, have a snack, and put together a craft that connects to the story.  Take home sheets are provided for parents to continue the lesson throughout the week.

Grade School - Our school aged children have a great time in class. After a Bible teaching, they go over a memory verse, play a few games, and leave with a take home sheet for guided study throughout the week with their family.

If you feel that children's ministry is an area in which you could serve the body of Christ, we would love to connect you with our Children's Pastor -- please email