Membership Within The Covenant Community

At Mission, we believe that “The Church” (all believers everywhere) is the means by which God is giving a foretaste to the world of the eventual fullness of the Kingdom to come. Participation within “The Church” for the individual happens at a local level within their local church body (a particular group of believers in a particular locale with a particular gathering). By pursuing, following, and imitating Jesus Christ in growing fashion, we evangelize to the world around us by our covenantal love, one for another. The love and activity of the church within the world is God’s stated method of spreading the good news that He is real and is capable of justice, restoration, and reconciliation. As individuals within the covenant community at Mission Fellowship, we see ourselves as each playing a part as members of the whole body. This is where the phrase “membership” has its roots. One of the best and most explicit statements along these lines is found in Romans 12:5: “For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” (NIV) We desire that for all believers everywhere, they are able to find a home in a local body, whether at Mission, or elsewhere.  Below, you will find the information that you need on how to covenant with the body of Mission Fellowship.

Attend The Welcome Class

Our Welcome class is offered every few months as an opportunity for those who are new to the Mission Fellowship family to be introduced to the basic information around history, culture, mission, vision, values, leadership structure, finances, core doctrine, secondary issues, and general information about getting involved at Mission Fellowship. If you would like to sign up for the next available Welcome Class, email

Attend The Membership Class

The Membership class is a two-part class offered every few months as well. This is an opportunity to be introduced to the necessity of belonging to a local church, God’s plan and pictures of the local church that are found within scripture, and the motivation behind creating a covenant community at Mission Fellowship. The second half of the class includes a guided walk through the Mission Fellowship Family Covenant, which can be found here.

Membership Application Form

Once you feel as though you are well acquainted with Mission Fellowship through the Welcome class, as well as the membership covenant and process through the Membership class, you can initiate a membership application by clicking here. This is the first step in letting the elders of the church know that you desire to become a member at Mission Fellowship.

Begin Attending A Community Group

If you are not already attending a Community Group, now is the best time to get connected into one. Community groups are at the core of how our church functions. Community Groups meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month in various locations throughout the greater Salem-Keizer area. These groups are centered around being a generous community of faith that can model the love of Christ and reach out to the surrounding neighborhood. These gatherings provide ample time to get to know others in our fellowship, with the purpose of laying the foundation for relationships that encourage spiritual growth, transparency, accountability, and overall discipleship. It is from these “Jesus Communities” that we are sent out to our neighborhoods, places of work, and city to spread the good news of the inaugurated Kingdom of Jesus.  To find the Community Group near you, please visit our Community Group page, found here.

Membership Interview

Within a few weeks of submitting your information for membership via the membership application form above, our administrative assistant will contact you to see if you would like to schedule a membership interview with an elder and the deacon over pastoral care of your nearest Community Group. This will be around 30-45 minutes in which the prospective member is able to recount (1) their knowledge of the Gospel and their testimony of knowing Jesus (2) whether or not they have been baptized by believer’s baptism (3) and why they believe that they exhibit to the outside world the fruit that shows them to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. At the conclusion of the meeting, the prospective member would also sign the Mission Fellowship Family Covenant.

Elder Recommendation

The elders review the application and prospective membership at a regularly scheduled Leadership meeting with the rest of the elders and deacons. Upon collective approval by Leadership, the application proceeds to the congregation for their approval.

Congregational Vote For Affirmation

At the next congregational meeting, the covenant members hear the Elder recount the testimony of the applicant and the existing congregation votes to receive them into membership.  The Elders will then notify the prospective member of the outcome of the vote