Making disciples of Jesus Christ by teaching, equipping, and sending.


That the greater Salem area, the Willamette Valley, and the World might know and experience the love and faithfulness of their Creator God through the lives and relationships within the family of Mission Fellowship.


Love - This must be the foundation of all we are and all we do. It is not just an intent, but a sacrificial way of life that is lived in covenantal relationship so that others may know the faithfulness of God.

Joy - Through suffering that is bound to come in a broken world, we are assured of the eventual full restoration of God that is inaugurated but not yet complete. This is our strength.

Peace - We will grow in wholeness with God and healing with one another as we act based on His restorative way of life.

Justice - God’s story is one of His activity to “make things right”. As His church, therefore, we do all we can to right the wrongs around us so that others may experience the righteousness of God the Father.

Truth - As disciples, we are to be sanctified in His truth. Only in being disciplined to learn and employ His truth in our lives will we see freedom take place.

Transformation - True faith requires growth in obedience to His way of thinking, living, and loving, not our own. We choose to serve the law of God’s love with our minds and actions in an ever increasing way.

Family - We are a group of children adopted into the family of the Father, and we grow as one body as we each use our love and talents to equip the church to spread the gospel.

Community - We are better and more influential together rather than apart.

Generosity - As individuals and the greater Mission family, we seek to be a clearinghouse of God’s grace and provision through our time, talents, and treasure for the work of the King in the midst of His kingdom.

Faithfulness - We strive to be steadfast in our relationships and commitments to God and one another.

Missional - We are all disciples (learners) being trained to be apostles (sent ones & ambassadors) in the name of our King. All of the values above culminate in living a life among the world that communicates to them the good news of His love.

Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

We believe it is important that all members and prospective visitors are able to see the founding documents of our congregation upon which we base the polity and governance of our church. By following these links, you can find our articles of incorporation and our bylaws.