Leaders: Ian & Cassie Ussery

Meeting Time: 9:45am on the first, third, & fifth Sundays of each month, during our main gathering.

Meeting Location: Mezzanine

For more information, or any other questions, please email msg@missionsalem.com.


The vision we have for our Middle School Group is simple — to partner with parents to develop gospel-focused youth as they reach an impressionable age. Students at this age are often more influenced by things outside the home than they ever have been. As a result, it is our purpose to reinforce the godly principles they have been raised with, and to provide them an opportunity to develop strong friendships with other young disciples of Jesus.  For those that have been part of Mission's Children's Ministry, this will be a time to build on the things they have learned about God’s character and love for them.

Every other week, we have the Middle School students join our main gathering to be taught the Word in the same manner as their parents so they can begin to bridge the gap into a more mature understanding of what it is to be a disciple of Jesus.