Unanswered Burkina Questions

Mission Fellowship, thank you for your generosity and hospitality to Marcel and Pauline Yanogo and the church in Burkina Faso.  I am thankful to walk with you and serve Jesus with you as we attempt to do our part in growing the global church.  As we were unable to answer all the questions that were submitted during the Q&A we had with Marcel at church, I wanted to take a minute and answer some of them as accurately as possible.  While I may not have the dollar amounts 100% correct, they are definitely within a close accuracy to the current number.  Please let me know if you have any other questions about Burkina Faso or our mission to take the gospel to the Burkinabe people.
                                    -Pastor Hans

What Can God Do In The Small Things? Save A Life For Eternity.

One of the ways that Mission Fellowship stewards the provision God gives us through the church family is to help in whatever way we can when Jesus calls one of His children from within our church body to serve Him in a particular way.  Recently, the Mission family was able to assist one of our own, Susan Marthaller, as she stepped out in faith and traveled to Uganda with a group called Gospel Messengers.  Mission was able to assist with a small amount to help in the work that was done.  Below, you will see what the Lord taught Susan in her own words.  Thank you Mission family for your desire to give generously to the Lord's work.