Perseverance In Pain and the Grace To Stay

By Samm Norton

The body of Christ, His church, His temple, His people. This is what “The Church” is supposed to be. Unfortunately, it often falls short. The church is expected to exemplify Christ's love and His faithfulness, but He and He alone is perfect, and therefore our earthly efforts will fail more than they will succeed.

25 Signs of Backsliding & How To Repent

I recently stumbled upon a blog post by Pastor Joe Thorn ( in which he summarizes 25 signs that you are in a back-slidden state from a book entitled Revival by Richard Owen Robert.  I have to admit that I have not fully vetted the book, nor the blog on which this was posted.  But what I can say is that biblically, these points are right on and I wanted to share them with you here.  Thanks goes to Pastor Thorn for his summary. Read through them and take stock, as I did when reading them, as to whether or not any of them might be a warning to you of a waining zealousness for Christ and His presence in your life.